Monday, December 31, 2012

YEAR 2012 ! ! !

2012 coming to an end... That's very very very fast...The fastest year so far..
This year is really a year that full of changes and happening things..

Firstly, Finally graduated from NYP after 3 years of hardship.. actually not very hard lah..the only things
i regreted was not joining any CCA.. never really felt belonging to the school without a CCA lah.. No matter
how good or bad these 3 years have been, it's over. Got to know people from all walks of life.. Made some friends like CYC, a committed leader, zw good buddy.. and many more that played a part in my POLY life.

Secondly is NS, enlisted on sixth of june 2012. Four months of BMT.. been through thick and thin with guys from different background.. really got a lot different pattern ppl in the world.. went through all the trainings... fieldcamp especially.. that see people real colours.. knowing who is the one that really got the leadership and angel heart.. lol..

Get to know a lot of new friends.. especially my buddy yingzong, a buddy that saf assigned to you is really something that is fated lah.. really very glad to have such a wonderful buddy.. helping me out.. tolerating me throughout the four months.. blood, sweat, tears together.. sleeping in the forest under the rain together.. really can bond two strangers together very well.. really a big big thank you my bmt buddy forever..

Of cos there are other session mate that im very grateful to.. like kengboon.. helping me no matter motivate all of us when we are down... shawn, sherman.. ppl who really show leadership and now they are at where they belong to..OCS! congrats you guys and wish u guys all the best in this two years!
Last but not least..a brother from another session..kuanwee, a joker that stand beside me during countless parade everyday for four months.. watching sunset together.. sitting at the corridor talking cock.. lepak, disturb and cheer each other whenever possible.. a brother that is so trustable and reliable on that will last forever. Thanks you all of you all that make me survived through this four was four months of hell at first..but u guys make it nothing like hell.. enjoyed every moment, every little part, every second with you people.. My greatest wishes to you guys, to all your life ahead.

Four months of BMT is over.. so so fast..and now.. i signed on.. no matter how tough it gonna be.. i will survive like how i always did.. :) shall not go too much details into this.. haha...

Wishing everyone a HAPPY 2013! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!

Cheers! =)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


went to planet on 23 of nov!
Siam tiu...the ladies there really up there lahh... 

shall not go too much into it..
but really was a fun night lah..
definitely will go back there again... ;)


Finally POP! One whole week of rest after the "24km" of roadmarch.. Saturday, 6th of OCT, the big day at marine platform..
My mum and two sis... :) came to support me and congratz me that i finally passed out! after the parade jitao cabbed home bath and rest!!

 Sunday 7th of Oct
Cant remember what i did on saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon..haha Went to JB with kuan, bk and lloyd during sunday night to makan...ate
and my sleepy face after eating so many things! hahaha and thats my brother cum chauffeur..hahaha

 Monday, 8 of oct
went to Nex to watch TED with zw.. lol..quite a rush day as he need to book in in the evening..

Tuesday 9 of OCT
 INterview at cmpb for my vocation... went so early with kuan..briefing..interview...back homed at 2pm++ changed and went to AMK! to meet bk and ongrui to buy some things for the chalet! PLATOON 3 CHALET! at changi aloha Bungalow!

That night was crazy...REVENGE time to all the sgts..hahaha..all drink until donno puke how many times lah..
There were bbq buffet...and lots of beers and liquor...
played blackjack..lose abit nia lah..haha..
3am time to go usual kuan drive kengboon to another chalet..lloyd and jj home..then me amk donno which mac for breakfast then his house ton.. lol..

10 of OCT wednesday..
Afternoon then went home.. whole day resting..nuaing lah..nothing much

11 of OCT thursday
morning went to safra swim w kuan then after that went to seoul garden to eat the buffet... 2 ppl $45++
eat so many meats lah...crazy man... lol.. after that go home rest night went to cine..
went into the cinema.. after watching 5mins.. i think wrong show lei..then really sia..the movie ended..
went in the wrong cinema room..then forget it..go eat rochor beancurd.. then back to amk lahh lol..that noob 4am+ wake up vomit out all the beef..imba lah.. don wan go into it liao..too disgusting the

12 of OCT friday!
resting day...cant remember that day did what..but most probably mahjong i guess? haha

13 of OCT saturday...
POP one week lo... !! means block leave coming to an end... never went to oversea trip with platoon mate as planned during bmt..but nvm lah at least got chalet gathering... saturday night meet up with my bro again..go prawning..but cui lah...3 hours 8 prawns..after that go eat nasilemak then homed with their lucky 8 prawns..hahaha...again..someone vomit again.. issit me or the

14 of OCT sunday
last day of rest and...went to amk hub night to buy stuffs that might need to used when i stayed in..and to meet and pass helm to my bro the last time b4 we continue our next part of ns of life at diff places.. Gonna miss all the shit and fun in bmt lahhh...

Time to get ready and..prepare for a longer journey.. a way way longer than bmt journey... the af..

People that been through with me in green will always be remembered..
Time to move on and excel in blue.


POP for one and a half month already!!

I REALLY MISS BMT LAH SIA... During BMT wanna faster foff, but the moment
on the marine platform, knowing that it is the last time i gonna be in green, with all my
platoon mate again.. the feeling is like graduating from secondary sch...

Training in BMT actually not that tough.. 4 months had passed, the first week of BMT
i wan time to faster pass...the last week of BMT, how i wish two years of NS can be
like that all the way..

Really miss standing at the corridor, looking at the sea view, the sunset, talking cock with my buddies.
Fieldcamp,  1 x experience in my life...

Will always remember all the hard times and fun that my buddies and me had gone through...

You people will always be remembered! One in our life, two years of our time..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Power House!

21 July 2012 Saturday!

First time going to club in year 2012 ! With Felicia, Waner and EugeneLim.. Too bad zw at batam cant join us lol

Okay IPhone camera sucks.. at least get to roughly see whose there..haha.. 
Went to Dragonfly to get chop cos waner's fren got guestlist after that headed to vivocity outside there to drink.. one litre of grey goose..4 ppl... still left 1/3 sia! Waner first time down... vomit! lololol ... in the end 1.30am already..all decided to go in club cos very late already! 
Santa claus Chua again.. gave 1/3 bottle of grey bottle of Coke..and 90% new packet of 5kg ice to a group of ppl drinking near us... not bad lah..make others day better..haha

Went in to PowerHouse... that was like almost a year ago since i went there sia... not bad the feeling...somehow got the clubbing feel again sia.. hahaha... EugeneLim and Waner damn like eh hemm.. hahaahaa... Me and felicia like a sober and sian only..not high the end i bought a jagerbomb to share..still the kick.. follow by Sex on the beach.. nice sia...but still not high.. one more shot of Tequila Pop.. and damn.. one more jug of vodka cranberry... 4 of us drink.. lol.. sign my card like a free only..hahaha...ok lah..abit got feel and TIME TO partyyyy... 4.30am Lights On.. went outside PH there to eat.. hokkien mee..prata..after that 3 of them cabbed home and i walked to bus interchange to take bus 855 home :) Reached home around 7am..sleeeeeepppppp... 

Great Night..Never feel so relax since I enlisted.. 

2/3 bottle of 1litre Grey Goose
Sex on the Beach 
Tequila Pop
Vodka Cranberry 
PH Guys > Girls.. Sian night.. 

Next Attempt soon! Saturday Night anyone!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

NS life

Havent been updating my blogs for one month plus!

Cos I have been enlisted! To tekong BMTC school 3, Raven Company. :) 

It has been the toughest period of my life and guess what? I survived till now..! one month plus already..! 

So...Tough time don't last, Tough man do. lol

It's true.. no matter how tough time is right now, just endure and it will pass eventually.. 

First two weeks confinement period is the toughest time.. almost 17 days in there... have to wash my own clothes... take care of myself... no really easy.. after confinement period.. no need to wash clothes anymore :) cos every saturday morning can book out.. so ya...together with all the dirty clothes homed to wash with the washing machine ! Training is never easy, things does not come overnight, discipline is everything. 

I like one of the phrase one of my buddy said:

The real training starts when you get real tired. 

3 more months to go only! 
NS really make me treasure every second of my time, family and friends. 

Somehow I feel that I level up again.. LOL 

Cheers :) 

Hope I will have time to blog in the next few weeks~

Friday, June 1, 2012


29th May 2012

Met Zhiwei for lunch..wanted to eat someone the end walk passed this Jap buffet restaurant.. Shabu-shi.. and we see the price quite went in for buffet! lol..

2 people total bill only $25.65..

But the variety not a lot lah...'s cheap..hahaha...

one sec sch girl i think..came in and sit the next table beside us...eating all alone sia..
how you tried eating buffet all alone? seriously.. i cant..and i wont.. lol
anyway it's at hougang mall..

After lunch

went to hougang plaza as usual..for pool.. pool le change to billiard..then change back to pool again..the staff there also say us why keep on change sia..hahaha...i think my skill improved a lot lo...:D but still not very pro lah...hahahaha

5pm liao...hungry le..went to pizza hut..right beside shabu shi... and the table we sit is directly beside shabu shi.. it's like one glass wall in-between lah..then the staff the serve us during the buffet..walk pass us..look at me..hahaha... its funny lah...okay..

Finally tried beef lasagna! normal normal lo...hahaha
The only thing great about hougang mall pizza hut is that they gt one staff..little girl..very cute de..which zw keep on say.. even tweet about it.. lol.. shall visit there soon again :)

too bad no photos..


Cheers :)

Graduation From NYP 2012

24th May 2012

Graduation DAY! Finally.. 3 years of Poly. Be it Fun or Miserable, It's over.

Time flies so fast,
Three years had passed,
All the memories in the past,
Will always last.

Living through the 3 years it seems so long, but now that it's over.. It seems so fast uh..
Made a lot of friends... Crazy one..Smart one..Fun one... Fked up one..a lot a lot.. Never regret
coming to NYP and take my course..Only regret that never participate in almost everything.. Never join SIT club.. Never met a lot more friends that I can.. But STILL..ITS OVER..


As usual.. normal graduation ceremony...Director give a speech.. then give out our diplomas one by one from the stage...Actually graduation is not about getting the diploma.. it's about gathering with friends.. some..for the last time..and to take photos!!

Me & Mum :)

Me & Sis

Me & Yeong Huei 

Me & Xueli

 Three of Us!

Me & Eugene VEE! Spam bro..

4 of Us!

Three of Them!

Ruimin & Eugene

Me & another bro.. Zhiwei :)

Basil & Me 

Me & Kairong

Me & Amos

Me & Shuting

Edwin & Me

Me & Ruimin

Graham & Me

Scott Jones & Me

End of Graduation!
Congrats everyone who graduated..and JIAYOU for those who haven't ! It's your turn soon!

All the best everyone! 
Cheers! :)