Monday, December 31, 2012

YEAR 2012 ! ! !

2012 coming to an end... That's very very very fast...The fastest year so far..
This year is really a year that full of changes and happening things..

Firstly, Finally graduated from NYP after 3 years of hardship.. actually not very hard lah..the only things
i regreted was not joining any CCA.. never really felt belonging to the school without a CCA lah.. No matter
how good or bad these 3 years have been, it's over. Got to know people from all walks of life.. Made some friends like CYC, a committed leader, zw good buddy.. and many more that played a part in my POLY life.

Secondly is NS, enlisted on sixth of june 2012. Four months of BMT.. been through thick and thin with guys from different background.. really got a lot different pattern ppl in the world.. went through all the trainings... fieldcamp especially.. that see people real colours.. knowing who is the one that really got the leadership and angel heart.. lol..

Get to know a lot of new friends.. especially my buddy yingzong, a buddy that saf assigned to you is really something that is fated lah.. really very glad to have such a wonderful buddy.. helping me out.. tolerating me throughout the four months.. blood, sweat, tears together.. sleeping in the forest under the rain together.. really can bond two strangers together very well.. really a big big thank you my bmt buddy forever..

Of cos there are other session mate that im very grateful to.. like kengboon.. helping me no matter motivate all of us when we are down... shawn, sherman.. ppl who really show leadership and now they are at where they belong to..OCS! congrats you guys and wish u guys all the best in this two years!
Last but not least..a brother from another session..kuanwee, a joker that stand beside me during countless parade everyday for four months.. watching sunset together.. sitting at the corridor talking cock.. lepak, disturb and cheer each other whenever possible.. a brother that is so trustable and reliable on that will last forever. Thanks you all of you all that make me survived through this four was four months of hell at first..but u guys make it nothing like hell.. enjoyed every moment, every little part, every second with you people.. My greatest wishes to you guys, to all your life ahead.

Four months of BMT is over.. so so fast..and now.. i signed on.. no matter how tough it gonna be.. i will survive like how i always did.. :) shall not go too much details into this.. haha...

Wishing everyone a HAPPY 2013! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!

Cheers! =)

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