Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hao Lian Buay Hiao Bai Club

New Club Formed: The Hao Lian Buay Hiao Bai Club
Club Motto : Can Hao Lian Must Hao Lian
President : Me
Vice-President : Rebecca
Other position : Unknown
Club Logo:

Recruiting more members :)
Anyway Club motto is the VP think de.. :D

Chomp Chomp

27 March - Tuesday
Met clarence,daphne and cat at amk to bus to chompchomp
In the end we cabbed over there due to rain + long bus queue.

EugeneV last min don't wan to come..

Reached Chomp Chomp
and started ordering..
Ate half way.. suddenly eugeneV and yenn(fyi it's his gf) lol
joined us..

After eating when to the dessert bowl for dessert lahh

Best dish of the day

Durian Mousse

My favourite!! Durian.. anything made out of durian is nice!

All bus back home.. ask them to come out drink all mai.. buay steady de.. so sian :(( but nvm..still a great day out with them :)

Mahjong + drinking session

28 March
Morning 11am ++
Meet Rebecca and Zhiwei at sembawang dabao food and went to
roger's aunt house for mahjong :)
This zw.. don wan to say him liao..let him scam until no comments only (Y) thumb up! LOL
Spent 4-5 hours playing one round of mahjong! world record..haha
but most of the time is teaching and guiding rebecca. She never played before
sia.. but dare to sit down and play money with us..hahaha

4pm ++
EugeneL joined us :) take over rebecca.. then rebby and zw share..
While rebby playing, zw went to buy mac for us.. what a sweet fked up fren :)
Where to find sia.. from eugeneL. hahahahahaha

play and play until 11.30pm..
Overall win around $90.. haha but will continue next friday :)


Look at the time, no more train for eugeneL & zw to go back sengkang and rebby to go back redhill.

An Idea pop up of donno whose brain, to abuse cab claim again.. lol suggest to stay to 2am+ then cab home so can claim.. hmm

well.. we all trained back to khatib.. the 3 of them waited at my house downstair while i went up to get the baileys and a bottle of bombay sapphire.

Went to NTUC to buy mixed and ice.. saw richard charlie, talk talk..then we carry all the drinks etc to lower seletar.
Mixer : Tonic water, coke, coke zero, coke light, Chocolate milk for baileys.

Walked all the way there then they say alot mosquito.. wanna change spot.. lol

walked back to blk 825 void deck i think... ok.. play the game HIJack again.

Mission of the day: To make zhiwei vomit, cos he always haolian never vomit before..hahaha
so the game is played to attack him :)

Baileys + bombay sapphire = fked up drink. lol

The baileys smell make me feel uncomfortable already, + bombay.. no idea why some people like to drink it so much.. i don find it very nice loh..
Everyone feel stomachache after mixing both of the drink..

3am ++



Mission accomplished...

The smell of puke.. as epic as usual lah.. after puking he stomach ok liao..sober liao..all packed up and went toilet wash up and cab home :)

End of the day~..
Another wonderful drinking session.. Not as wonderful if there's no puking. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Henderson wave

The photos of 25-26 March @ Henderson Wave

6 People 4 Bottle!!

It's photoshopped :D

Lunch with clarence and wongpann

Just to summarize..

Went to meet clarence and wongpann around 3pm to domino's pizza
at chongpang, sembawang drive, chambers there lah..

Eat until damn damn damn full. Then walk to pann house to slack awhile then headed home to take a nap.. and here im now. blogging :)


Outing with Songs Brothers peeps again

Instead of keep referring this group of people to the past IT show company,
I shall classify them under the group "The Steady Mania" lol

okay thats

25th March Sunday

Met rebecca at 1.30pm ++ at mountbatten mrt then walk to old airport road to
find zhiwei and eugeneLim,

The main Purpose: To intro lao ban dou hua to eugeneL and rebecca, glad that they like it :)

Meal of the day : Wonton noodle, otah, lao ban beancurd, 51 beancurd, ice kachang

After eating, went to Singaporepools nearby, just nice 4 of us..each say one number and according to the age, we arrange the number and buy... well.. should know.. the number never open.. else will had post about it already..hahaha


3pm ++

Ended to The cathay to buy movie tickets for
The hunger game - 8pm

after bought the tickets, Lex joined us, and bring us to the pancake beside the playnation there, damn suay, the timing is not right, it's break time.

no choice, walked down to rochor beancurd to slack at the 2nd floor,
talk cock, play cards..
Learned a new card game called Asshole Dai Dee. lol
It's far more interesting than normal Dai Dee.


Angie joined us, Went The Cathay Basement for dinner,
New York Pizza Curry Rice,
Quality is good but not quanlity. Overall not bad. :D

8pm +

The Hunger Game! 2 Hours and 20mins movie, rating for it will be 3.5 stars.

10pm +

End of movie, just the start of the actual activity of the day :)

All 6 of us cabbed down to holiday inn to buy one bottle of chivas 12 years.
Headed to Henderson Wave to drink.

Going up really take up a lot of energy sia...
But once u reached up there, feeling of the breeze makes everything worth it.

Time to drink!
Game played,
Hi jack, and the guess the next card up or down, Indian Poker. lol
Hi jack
Card 1 to 5 - Black, Ownself drink
Card 1 to 5 - Red, ask sonmeone to drink
Card 6 - U can choose someone to mate/chain with. Means if he drinks, the person being mate/chain with need to drink also.
Card 7 - Seven Up
Card 8 - Action card
Card 9 - Question card
Card 10 - Change Rule
Card J - Hi Jack
Card Q - Hi Bitch
Card K - Kings cup

That night really tio ganged, especially by the zhiwei, donno why like only he get card 6, then keep on mate me.. lol
the rest worst, get card 10, change the rule to the person being mated/chained need to drink x2, x3,x4 in the end x6.
then worst part, i tio chained, zhiwei open black 5, means he drink 5 times, i drink
5 x 6 = 30 = 3 cup..

Moral of the story, tio mated by him = fked up. lol
kidding.. actually true but the fun one.

Everyone very high sia..

EugeneL - keep on laugh only, like free one.
Angie - Talk nonsense, say how she wishes she can fly.
Rebecca - Talk less, but walk a lot, can't describe how she walk, but definitely far from straight. lol

Shall not go in too much details :)

Photos will be upload soon :D

Slack until 5am++
Walk from henderson waves to harbour front centre Mac
6am, reached there but very suay,
Due to maintenance, We will Open at 6.30am
Out of so many days, why today? lol
Waited outside, once the door opened, we all chiong inside.

Achievement Unlocked : First customer of Harbour Front Centre Mac.

Hahaha... after breakfast, Trained back and sleep..slack..whole day..until now..

:) Cheers To the Steady Mania. Hahaha

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lao Ban Dou Hua

22 March

Just to summarize,
Slack to 5pm, Cousin came help me do some insurance thingy,
7pm went to old airport road and help 4 friends to buy
Lao ban dou Hua :)
Deliver to them.
Head home and here i am now, blogging :)

Time to sleep, morning 11am got driving lesson, night work.

Looking forward to the outing with the Dell crews this coming SUNDAY!!!
Can't wait to see them all again! hahaha :D

GOod nite ~
<3 all~

Graduated From NYP

20 March, Results out

The night before, was very worry about one of my module, scare I will fail and need
to retake.

Morning go to NYP portal, A result that i never expected, Straight B+ with one A.
The module that i scare fail one i got B+!

Overall GPA for 3 years = 3.49

mai hiam buay pai :)

Time to think what to do in future, UNI? Work? still deciding.

21 March

Met Eugene Vee for pool at amk at 2pm, after that zhiwei join us for pool, then
Eugene went off around 5pm to meet his mum..
To celebrate graduating from NYP, zhiwei and I went to Sakura at yck
as usual.. eating buffet with him got the hangover feeling.. lolol

That's round 2.. and half of the food is still on the table when we left, cos we really cant eat anymore. But overall food is not bad, variety is more than nihon mura, but still perfer the food at nihon mura.. :)

Will try other jap buffet the next time :D

After buffet, headed to The Cathay to watch This Means War.
The best movie i watched this year.. so far..
The bromance between two guy and how the fight over a girl, and become best friend again. Like the story... haha.. 12am++ le..Cabbed back home :) End of day~

IT Show - After Party

13 March, with my bandage hand..

Went to Roger's aunt house with eugene lim to play mahjong..
With Roger's aunt, cos angie!!! last min sick, cant make it.
eugene and I got guest/beginner luck.. lol.. Sad thing Roger and his aunt lose..

A bit only lah..anyway it's just friendly game, to kill time, bond, and have fun :)

18 March

Movie outing with Zhiwei, Rebecca, Eugene Lim, Angie
Woman in Black, a horror ghost movie.
Not as scary as expected but definitely better than The devil side.
After the movie, when to mos burger for dinner..after that

head to.. no idea, cant remember where the place is, to play pool.
Played less than 1 hour. Teach angie and rebecca how to play pool. :D
ok 10pm ++ le, angie need to head home for dinner, so we all end our day..


Suay Suay Day

After the great night out with the IT show peeps,
reach home around 3am,
Enter the lift, a creature, I don't claim that it's an insect!!
Flying in the lift, like crazy.. hitting the wall, I dodge and Dodge
once the lift door opened, I dash out,

Worst thing of the year happened, due to the rain, floor is wet, i dashed out,
become superman, flew and fell.

This is the result

After this incident, Insect is in my KOS list.. LOLOL

Thursday, March 22, 2012


March 8 - 11
IT show
At Suntec Hall 402

As Promoter of Dell / Songs Brother

4 days of new experiences, met new people, amazing people :)
4 days talking with ah neh beats the amount of time i talk to ah neh
in 19 years of my life. lol

Learned a lot a lot about sales, how to deal with customer, ah neh especially..

Like the job very much, suitable for me as i like to interact with people.
Overall 4 days, got $20 taka voucher and 16gb thumbdrive as incentive. haha

Thursday, friday and saturday sales not very good, which leads to sunday target
130 set of PC to be sold.

However with all the amazing promoter of Dell + Songs brother, we managed to hit the
target of 130, in fact way beyond it. 170 ++ :))

These are the people.. + rebecca which is not in the photo.. hahaha

After last day of work, went to kallang 24/7 mac with Roger, Eugene Lim, Zhiwei, Angie, Lex for supper! after that

Roger drive us down to a place.. no idea where is it to chill, look at scenery

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swim with the current

From one of the Book i borrowed from NYP library.

If you would have a happy life,
remember two things:

In matters of principle,stand like a rock;
In matters of taste,swim with the current.

Enough said :)

Never forget the good of others

This week saw a lot of tweets about people forgetting what the good others done.

Yes, agreed.

When someone done something wrong, something that upset you, make you feel angry. Count to 10 to calm down.

Find out the causes, and of cos never blame them for what they did only and forgetting all the helps and things they have done for you.

This really helps me in controlling my temper.

Always remember the pros and forget the cons of others :)

No idea what to put for title

Morning 9am driving lessons...after 2 weeks never drive..
i choose 9am in the morning cos i tot the sky will be brighter to drive..
in the end.. gum gum 9am rain..the sky as black as my wallet..
but still the diff to me..cos got rain no rain my driving speed still at around 30-40km/hr lol.. after driving went to NYP library slack..

my old hobby.. reading those philosophy books etc..then wanna borrow 4 books
then realized my admin card is no longer valid after 1st of march..
As a graduated student! lol..ok..thanks eugene vee for lending me his admin card to borrow those 4 books..i will try my best to return in time, before any warning is sent to him..haha..met him for lunch at NYP mac..

After that.. went to amk...POOL!! until 4pm++ then..

Met cathryn ang for movie with eugene and yeong huei...

THE DEVIL INSIDE.. sorry la...ask u all watch this really deserve 0.5 star...bullshit...SHIT SHIT SHIT! movie...

after that..home.....

Tuesday..which is today..

went to amk with cousins and aunt...

MY cousin bought for me this bedsheet :) love it!

after that went usual...relatives came to my house for mahjong..after that

i went to cousins house to play mahjong also..small one...5 tai only $10.. the end..won $10..

Back home and now there i am.. blogging..haha

GOODNIGHT everyone..Tmr morning 9am driving lesson! :) cheers ~@



Night went to ntuc with clarence and amos to buy some drinks/mixer for the chalet on tuesday.


Chalet !
Everyone in the chalet! All my beloved sec friends!

2E1.. MY best class ever... Best Peers.. Missed all of them!!

2 people to thanks:
Clarence - for organizing the chalet to bring us all together again after like 3 years since graduating from NBSS.. although not everything go as smooth as expected.. but still.. 100 x (Y) for his effort and everything else..appreciated..

Wongpann - for driving us to chalet, supper and home.. no doubts that he is really a very friendly/helpful friend.. best selfless friend ever. also 100 x (Y)

Okay.. drinking started offically around 1am.. i went to bath and came down to drink at 2am.. First bottle finished.. bacardi.. had lots of fun with the bunch of people man! drink and drink..slack~ until 5am++ then sleep awhile..morning 9am pack and leave~

Wednesday Morning already

after chalet reach home and sleep...sleep and sleep...nua and nua..


hmm..ya..went to Ubi cdc with zhiwei to open account to to book for FTT... seriously.. really cost a bomb to get a license.. :(( after usual... hougang - dinner and pool... my pool skill really need some improvement~! lol home then sleep...

Friday! & saturday
as usual work..

lets skip this day..

Exam over~!~

Okay.. lets start from after nihon mura..

The monday after that week which is 20th feb..

First paper.. Operation Security.. The exam tips is shit..
less than 20% of the tips came out...thats the only module i really scared that will make me retain for another sem...God bless me please..

That whole week.. been tonning study at starbuck... Wed went to work with zhiwei cos he first then thursday night went to changi airport coffeebean with clarence. Reach at 12am.. to study for my last paper... thanks clarence for accompanying me to study there though he don have any more paper in the like next 2-3weeks..

OKAY..Finally friday...paper 4pm-6pm.. Finished at 5.10pm.. guess what..

Went down to work from 6pm-2am.. while others is partying.. enjoying holiday...or end of poly life to most of us... work work work...

End of the week of EXAM..!!