Friday, June 1, 2012


29th May 2012

Met Zhiwei for lunch..wanted to eat someone the end walk passed this Jap buffet restaurant.. Shabu-shi.. and we see the price quite went in for buffet! lol..

2 people total bill only $25.65..

But the variety not a lot lah...'s cheap..hahaha...

one sec sch girl i think..came in and sit the next table beside us...eating all alone sia..
how you tried eating buffet all alone? seriously.. i cant..and i wont.. lol
anyway it's at hougang mall..

After lunch

went to hougang plaza as usual..for pool.. pool le change to billiard..then change back to pool again..the staff there also say us why keep on change sia..hahaha...i think my skill improved a lot lo...:D but still not very pro lah...hahahaha

5pm liao...hungry le..went to pizza hut..right beside shabu shi... and the table we sit is directly beside shabu shi.. it's like one glass wall in-between lah..then the staff the serve us during the buffet..walk pass us..look at me..hahaha... its funny lah...okay..

Finally tried beef lasagna! normal normal lo...hahaha
The only thing great about hougang mall pizza hut is that they gt one staff..little girl..very cute de..which zw keep on say.. even tweet about it.. lol.. shall visit there soon again :)

too bad no photos..


Cheers :)

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