Saturday, November 24, 2012


POP for one and a half month already!!

I REALLY MISS BMT LAH SIA... During BMT wanna faster foff, but the moment
on the marine platform, knowing that it is the last time i gonna be in green, with all my
platoon mate again.. the feeling is like graduating from secondary sch...

Training in BMT actually not that tough.. 4 months had passed, the first week of BMT
i wan time to faster pass...the last week of BMT, how i wish two years of NS can be
like that all the way..

Really miss standing at the corridor, looking at the sea view, the sunset, talking cock with my buddies.
Fieldcamp,  1 x experience in my life...

Will always remember all the hard times and fun that my buddies and me had gone through...

You people will always be remembered! One in our life, two years of our time..

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