Monday, July 16, 2012

NS life

Havent been updating my blogs for one month plus!

Cos I have been enlisted! To tekong BMTC school 3, Raven Company. :) 

It has been the toughest period of my life and guess what? I survived till now..! one month plus already..! 

So...Tough time don't last, Tough man do. lol

It's true.. no matter how tough time is right now, just endure and it will pass eventually.. 

First two weeks confinement period is the toughest time.. almost 17 days in there... have to wash my own clothes... take care of myself... no really easy.. after confinement period.. no need to wash clothes anymore :) cos every saturday morning can book out.. so ya...together with all the dirty clothes homed to wash with the washing machine ! Training is never easy, things does not come overnight, discipline is everything. 

I like one of the phrase one of my buddy said:

The real training starts when you get real tired. 

3 more months to go only! 
NS really make me treasure every second of my time, family and friends. 

Somehow I feel that I level up again.. LOL 

Cheers :) 

Hope I will have time to blog in the next few weeks~

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