Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's sunday..3am and just got home..let me start from

13 Sep Tuesday
Went to BluJazz with eugene vee to interview..
Sit in, filled in a form, less than 15mins and done,
The person in-charge asked us to start work on thursday.. lol

After that went to bus stop to wait for bus 51 to go holiday inn, somewhere near
there to collect his salary cheque. Funny thing, two bus 51 came at the same time,
and we see the one behind more empty and we decided to board the one behind when
we were at near the first bus door already.

So the first bus went off, follow by the 2nd bus, the 2nd bus didnt open door for us
to board, in fact the bus is not more empty, it's empty.. maybe the service ended already. in the end we missed two same bus infront of us. as usual, we blame each other.. lol.. then continue waiting for nxt bus lo.

After collect the cheque, went to cine to eat billy bombers. Food was not bad, whole resturant only got two of us..haha... we ate..hmm..texas something chicken, grilled mixed, banana split... very full and cold there..haha..after that headed home..

15 Sep Thursday

First day of work. Very busy because is thursday.. not because of a lot of customer.. is because only two of us runner.. to serve all the food..tired max..
People there were all very friendly..and the environment is great..

If you all got a chance, should drop by and dine-in is not very ex..normal pricing.. eg. dory fish - $8.90, chicken-chop - $9.90..
cheap right? compare to others..still got live band to watch on weekend..most of the weekend..ended work at 11pm...then we trained back to khatib to eat..848 again..nothing new...then homed..

16 Sep friday
Busy busy busy...a lot of people..but lucky got a lot of extra part timer compare to thursday.. so not so busy for least more ppl share the burden..nothing new and work...time passed very fast...2am...waited for gene's dad to drive us home..reached home around 3am...working life is just like boring..

17 Sep Saturday
The crowd is very late..dinner time very very slack...but around 9pm+ when the band started.. the cafe is full...very..the music was awesome...and ya..there was an event on 3rd floor also...went up to 3rd floor to serve dishes a few times...the lady sitting near the entrance of 3rd floor..should be collecting entrance fee from those attending the event...She is just so....her smile..god..must she keep smiling at me everytime i go concentrate working man...and also..a hot babe at level 1...saturday is really heaven...lolol...shall not continue.. M18
So same..worked to 2am...collected our 3 days pay..n same..his dad cab home and now..

leg not easy earn...but money is meant to be spent..haha..

Goodnight :) 3.42am - lun

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Revived

Almost 9 months never update le..So many things happened in this period..
Donno where should i start from...


Not very good experience with IPP and FYP but it's all over now..
Holidaying, waiting for new sem to join and it's the last sem..then
Sure gonna miss my family, relatives and friends for the first 3 months in NS.

Currently looking forward to nothing in this

Shall update again soon..