Saturday, November 24, 2012


went to planet on 23 of nov!
Siam tiu...the ladies there really up there lahh... 

shall not go too much into it..
but really was a fun night lah..
definitely will go back there again... ;)


Finally POP! One whole week of rest after the "24km" of roadmarch.. Saturday, 6th of OCT, the big day at marine platform..
My mum and two sis... :) came to support me and congratz me that i finally passed out! after the parade jitao cabbed home bath and rest!!

 Sunday 7th of Oct
Cant remember what i did on saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon..haha Went to JB with kuan, bk and lloyd during sunday night to makan...ate
and my sleepy face after eating so many things! hahaha and thats my brother cum chauffeur..hahaha

 Monday, 8 of oct
went to Nex to watch TED with zw.. lol..quite a rush day as he need to book in in the evening..

Tuesday 9 of OCT
 INterview at cmpb for my vocation... went so early with kuan..briefing..interview...back homed at 2pm++ changed and went to AMK! to meet bk and ongrui to buy some things for the chalet! PLATOON 3 CHALET! at changi aloha Bungalow!

That night was crazy...REVENGE time to all the sgts..hahaha..all drink until donno puke how many times lah..
There were bbq buffet...and lots of beers and liquor...
played blackjack..lose abit nia lah..haha..
3am time to go usual kuan drive kengboon to another chalet..lloyd and jj home..then me amk donno which mac for breakfast then his house ton.. lol..

10 of OCT wednesday..
Afternoon then went home.. whole day resting..nuaing lah..nothing much

11 of OCT thursday
morning went to safra swim w kuan then after that went to seoul garden to eat the buffet... 2 ppl $45++
eat so many meats lah...crazy man... lol.. after that go home rest night went to cine..
went into the cinema.. after watching 5mins.. i think wrong show lei..then really sia..the movie ended..
went in the wrong cinema room..then forget it..go eat rochor beancurd.. then back to amk lahh lol..that noob 4am+ wake up vomit out all the beef..imba lah.. don wan go into it liao..too disgusting the

12 of OCT friday!
resting day...cant remember that day did what..but most probably mahjong i guess? haha

13 of OCT saturday...
POP one week lo... !! means block leave coming to an end... never went to oversea trip with platoon mate as planned during bmt..but nvm lah at least got chalet gathering... saturday night meet up with my bro again..go prawning..but cui lah...3 hours 8 prawns..after that go eat nasilemak then homed with their lucky 8 prawns..hahaha...again..someone vomit again.. issit me or the

14 of OCT sunday
last day of rest and...went to amk hub night to buy stuffs that might need to used when i stayed in..and to meet and pass helm to my bro the last time b4 we continue our next part of ns of life at diff places.. Gonna miss all the shit and fun in bmt lahhh...

Time to get ready and..prepare for a longer journey.. a way way longer than bmt journey... the af..

People that been through with me in green will always be remembered..
Time to move on and excel in blue.


POP for one and a half month already!!

I REALLY MISS BMT LAH SIA... During BMT wanna faster foff, but the moment
on the marine platform, knowing that it is the last time i gonna be in green, with all my
platoon mate again.. the feeling is like graduating from secondary sch...

Training in BMT actually not that tough.. 4 months had passed, the first week of BMT
i wan time to faster pass...the last week of BMT, how i wish two years of NS can be
like that all the way..

Really miss standing at the corridor, looking at the sea view, the sunset, talking cock with my buddies.
Fieldcamp,  1 x experience in my life...

Will always remember all the hard times and fun that my buddies and me had gone through...

You people will always be remembered! One in our life, two years of our time..