Friday, February 17, 2012


9 Feb 2012
Went to Kuishin BO!
around $50 per pax.. The food is awesome.. especially the beef and ice crab..
went with one 02 people and others 01 ppl... im my class representative..lolol
enjoyed eating other my coursemate...

16 Feb 2012

Another thursday..another nihon mura.. sushi celebrate we passed FTT? lolol... as usual..those who went out w me to eat..their stomach will definitely be bloated...haha.. after that went to play pool... 9-5 :)
improved a bit..but more there's more room for improvement for pool skill..

after that chiong for the last bus.. BUS 85 to go back home...asked zw to lend me his earpiece cos it's gonna be a long journey way back home alone in the bus...
in the end...just took out the earpiece... after 2 stops... surprisingly...eugene vee board the bus and saw time..after knowing him for like 10 years..first time met in a bus... haha..the earpiece became redundant... w him..actually he was his way home..but in the end..he go my house there and wait for me to take my laptop and change..then we head to starbuck @ northpoint to study... with cathryn and daphne.. end of the year...

Signing off...
Good luck all for your exams~~