Friday, May 4, 2012

SIT Dinner & Dance 2012

2nd of May!

Like finally... Afternoon went to Ion Pedro to exchange my shoes that i bought a day before because Cathryn and daphne says the other one is nicer...

Changed, and homed to prepare for the Dinner!!

Reached there around 6pm

Atrium Ballroom at Raffles City Convention centre, Level 4

Got a photo booth there and it's free so we just spam! hahaha

Me and Most of the 02s 

Me and the 01s 

Me and my buddy zw.. :D 

01s again haha

Lastly... IS0903! thats half my class that i spent 3 years with!

Dinner started... Our Emcee Dee Kosh! He is really a funny person lah..him.. his face and his jokes :D

Games Played: Draw something, Don't forget the lyrics and Bingo! 

After that Top 10 Males and Females selected for the Prom King and Queen is asked up on stage and sell themselves... 

Food of the Night! 

The food wasn't as good as expected but well..we didn't pay that much also lah.. and there's performance... emcee.. photo booth..and the venue.. all need money also what.. haha...

It's not about the food for that night's all about gathering with your Frens you made for the last 3 years... chit chat...have etc...

Me and Yuzhu

Us with Dee Kosh! our funny emcee

Me zw and jiekai

and that's our table number! 10.. 10 10 10 10 10

End of D&D

The After Party starts!!

I joined Eldwin, shawn, amos and the others...few more ppl to open a room in the nearby hotel to drink!! 

Swiss hotel room is too  ex so we went to the others hotel to check the rate.. seperated into two cabs.. shawn they all went to find a hotel and we went to holiday inn to get another bottle of drink and datao prata to eat! 

All the rooms are over price lo... 250$+++ for a night... after that shawn called and say go to rochor road hotel 81 to drink..only $169.. ok lo..they went down first to book and after we bought the food..we cabbed down too..

Best thing of rhe night... we was stopped from going up to the room they booked cos one room max 3 people.. no visitors allowed!! 

Bo bian..the argue with the staff..say never tell them in advance..and ask for refunds.. in the end .. yes..refunded the $169 but still have to pay the hourly rate for 2 hours $50.. 

well... $50 to buy a lesson lo...  after that went to Eldwin's working place... Pet shop at Upper Thomas Road.. 

First time experience drinking with lots of pets around...
Got one dog named Rebecca. LOL.. eldwin keep on call rebecca rebecca rebecca... i was...hmm this name so familiar lei..then...OHHHHHH OKAY.. hahhahahaha

Total 7 people drank one bottle of JD and bacardi limon i think..haha...
learnt a new game called big fish small fish...haha..quite fun..after that play the chain of death..whatever u name it

The one with king's cup also lo... The worst king's cup... shawn bite a piece of prata and spit into the cup... follow by abit of  sprite and plain water... best part is that i kena...need to drink..i mean EAT the soaked prata...omg...FML! lol... disgusting like fk! 

That's the end of the drinking session and it was 6am++ around...cabbed home and sleeep!! 

RWS & The Avengers

24-25 April 2012

Working with eugeneLim, Zw, zh, wr and hz at RWS on 24th April
and USS on 25th April.

Job was fun and slack lah...  Our job is to go each of the restaurant, their kitchen and Bar to do inventory check. Stock take lo.. Basically like an auditor, check if the amount they report in tele or not.

Pay wasn't very high but job was so slack that I think we were over-paid. hahaha and people so scare of us lo.. cos auditing them.. low pay.. no position...but they still fear us... hahaha... 

Overall I like the job v much :) and of cos with these bunch of new friends... hahaa

1st of May 2012

KFC dinner with zw and rebby then watch the Avengers 
at Tiong Bahru Plaza GV 7.20pm show :)

Movie was awesome.. Brings back childhood memories.. :D 
After movie...i headed home and zw send rebby home...

oh ya.. just to add on.. rebby fell down the steps while leaving... hehe