Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduation From NYP 2012

24th May 2012

Graduation DAY! Finally.. 3 years of Poly. Be it Fun or Miserable, It's over.

Time flies so fast,
Three years had passed,
All the memories in the past,
Will always last.

Living through the 3 years it seems so long, but now that it's over.. It seems so fast uh..
Made a lot of friends... Crazy one..Smart one..Fun one... Fked up one..a lot a lot.. Never regret
coming to NYP and take my course..Only regret that never participate in almost everything.. Never join SIT club.. Never met a lot more friends that I can.. But STILL..ITS OVER..


As usual.. normal graduation ceremony...Director give a speech.. then give out our diplomas one by one from the stage...Actually graduation is not about getting the diploma.. it's about gathering with friends.. some..for the last time..and to take photos!!

Me & Mum :)

Me & Sis

Me & Yeong Huei 

Me & Xueli

 Three of Us!

Me & Eugene VEE! Spam bro..

4 of Us!

Three of Them!

Ruimin & Eugene

Me & another bro.. Zhiwei :)

Basil & Me 

Me & Kairong

Me & Amos

Me & Shuting

Edwin & Me

Me & Ruimin

Graham & Me

Scott Jones & Me

End of Graduation!
Congrats everyone who graduated..and JIAYOU for those who haven't ! It's your turn soon!

All the best everyone! 
Cheers! :) 

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