Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year eve

Happy Lunar New year everyone :),

Saturday never went to blujaz to work, less income of $60, nvm..but that eugene vee haiz..msg me tell me boss give everyone angbao $50.. omg.. should have gone to work!!
hope all this suayness go away with the end of lunar 2011!!

Gong xi fa cai!
Xing nian kuai le!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hougang Plaza

Went to hougang plaza on wednesday night with my fren zhiwei to meet his "friend" and the friend's sister :D.. to play pool...kao..the sisters are damn pro man..and both of them look so alike! like twin.. lol after pool..changed to snooker.. learnt how to fun..a great day..just that

i NEVER TIO 4D 1236...10k omg..damn damn tmd damn..


Went to amk with mum and sis..then bought liese bubble hair color...ash brown :) my hair a bit brown le..hehe..

Time to study for quiz tmr...

Signing off..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Be contented.


A few more days to CNY but i totally don't feel it at all..due to all the quiz, project and assignment.. Well.. thats poly life.. 3 years in poly, CNY always crashed with project presentation,test week..havent been really enjoying CNY and xmas, new year and everything else since poly..really misses secondary school life..

Had my haircut today at amk, and bought koi for myself..feel contented, maybe just finish a 40% presentation? lol

End of my day~

19th bday, + 2012 countdown at MBK

Got a wonder dinner at indulge cafe at cathay with Cathryn,daphne,clarence,zhizhen,gavin,melvin,amos,zhuangchen. thanks them for the cake and appreciate it.. and of mbk..can see from the photos most of the people that were there...Really enjoy the night with all my beloved friends and brother.. All these started year 2012 of mine..