Saturday, April 21, 2012

NS Enlistment

Got home, my mum went down to open the letter box and GG... Enlistment letter..

Enlistment Date: 06 June 2012


I got my Driving Test on 11 June
Cousin's Wedding on 16 June.

This Letter screwed up everything!!

Months ago, I was like very brave, NS then NS lo..
But once I got the letter, the feeling totally different.

So scare.. worried..and all considerations pop up..

Phoned my cousin and told her I can't attend her wedding.
She like so sad..wanna cry already..and ask me must take care in NS etc.. :(

She and her bf went to buy beancurd and came to my house give my family eat..and talked about NS.. etc etc...

It's just way too sudden.


ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

19 April Thursday.

Met zw at tanjong pagar for usual eat and eat only.. lol.. main purpose is to eat lao ban beancurd.

I was late so he went to queue and buy the beancurd first then suddenly wanna eat hokkien mee at his ah ma house there.. bukit merah..and also to bring some beancurd up..

So Bus to Bukit merah ABC Food Centre.
Both of us bought one plate of hokkien mee each.. After that I go see foursquare tips.. and we bought:

Wow Wow Western Chicken Cutlet

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Chicken Rice

Jin Jin Dessert Power Cendol & Gangster Mango Ice

Too gan jiong to eat the gangster ice already until forgot to take photo..
Sibei full...the plan was to go ikea after lunch.. in the end went up his ah ma house slack cos raining.. waited until 4pm then walked to Ikea..

First thing go IKEA.. eat hotdog.. hais.. I eat ice cream only healthy .. lol

End of the day I'm very happy to know that there's someone like me..who is a battery fan.. hahahaha... I told zw that I see ikea battery everytime sure buy de.. like very cool.. tot will kena mocked, didnt know he also got the same thinking.. since small like IKEA's battery already..somehow like obsessed with it! hahahaha...

I bus back to khatib and headed down to amk for a cut hair.
He went to meet rebby. haha

Thought this will end my wonderful day.. but when i got home.. the horror begins.......

Friday, April 13, 2012

WTF is wrong with this week

No idea why, but feeling very moody this week.. lonely,bored and lost.
Not being myself, saying and doing without thinking.
Realized it's not people around me that is fucked up, it's me.
Sorry for creating so much chaos, unhappiness or anything if there is.
Hope things will get better.

11 April - Wednesday
Met Jae for pool at amk around 4pm++ cos need to wait eugeneV to end his performance..
After 5pm++ eugeneV joined us then played awhile and we went to meet cathryn and clarence to buy movie ticket.

Walked to aston at amk there with Jae,Cat and Gene.
Food got quality but lack of quantity.. maybe im still growing up... lol

Movie started, Battleship. It's awesome, I find it very cool lah.. Shall watch again in Digital one.
Didn't realise the actress is Rihanna until they told me.. lol..

After movie, Jae, Gene and me trained back to khatib and took bus 39 to Pasir ris and cabbed into the chalet. Reached there.. and started playing cards...
UNTIL 7AM.. Blackjack, texas holdem poker.. Sibei tired.. Sleep till 8am then headed back home with Gene and richard.
Reached home around 9am++ sleep till 11am++ then prepare for driving lesson at 1pm.

Quite an achievement that I didn't drink a single mouth of alcohol this chalet. It's like the first chalet that I didn't drink ever since I'm legal to.

Cheers to that!

Monday, April 9, 2012

7 of April, Working Day

After Drinking, and lack of sleep really makes me don't feel like going to work..
But already told elias that i will go to work and also I need to earn
for my driving lessons..
That day wasnt going very smooth.. working very happy at 2nd floor, cos very slack
but 11pm suddenly the other part-timers wanna go home.. then i was sent to 1st floor
be runner..

When im not tired, job so slack.. when im gan shag.. why chu this kind of pattern.. No rights to be angry or what also.. it's part of the job.. 1.30pm I see nothing to do at 1st floor so went to 2nd floor see see.. sibei suay.. go up less than a min, elias came.. then ask me why am I at 2nd floor, then I say 1st floor nothing to do already.. then he gave me that look and turn around go down to first floor.. i was like wtf, must like that meh? maybe that day both of us not in good condition in terms of mood and health..

But was quite touched that day cos of a friend.. at least i still know someone do cares...

No supper for that day.. after work jitao cabbed home..

Prawning at Bishan Hai Bin

8 of April - Sunday

Woke up at 1pm for lunch then go back to sleep until 5pm..
Sounds like a pig.. but from previous post, you can see that I barely sleep for 3 hours last few days.. + working.. imba shag..

night time cousins, aunt, uncle came to my house to play mahjong.. the rest of us.. thats not playing went to Bishan Hai Bin for prawning.. in my memory.. this is the second time prawning..

3 hours for $33

But for me is
3 hours for $33 + my blood...
Si bei suay.. injuries from the prawn's claw when i tried to free them from the hook..
ok my bad to put them in that position..
karma i guess.. but still... who's on for prawning? :D

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gathering with the no so steady mania

Friday morning.
Supposed to meet eugeneL and zhiwei at 10am to go roger house for mj, in the end
eugeneL sick, zw last min need go bai bai..

Left me all alone, reached roger house around 1pm, jitao nothing to do... played 2 match of dota then finally!! lex came..met him at tampines donno where de mac for my first meal of the day at

Then end back to roger house.. teach him how to play texas holdem poker. lol


At last.. Zw and rebecca reached.
Continue our unfinished mahjong game from last week.

Not to mention who win or lose, well.. it's just for fun.
Angie in the end never joined us due to some reasons and eugeneL also because he is sick.

Lex's fren joined us at pasir ris ehub, for movie.. In the end, no suitable timing, so we went to just acia for late dinner and headed to pasir ris park to drink!
The Thirsty Game Started! Mission of the day, to make zw down.
First Game: 007, new to me and i find it very fun! lolol
Second Game: 0,5,10,15,20,25,30
All purposely aim zw and rebecca becos if rebby tio, zw will help her drink what.. LOL
Lex's fren.. totally forgot what's her name liao... need to go home roger bring them to the road to cab home..lex acc her cab home then come back again..

Zw and reb go walk walk... left me all ALONE, sitting alone in the middle of the night, center of the park, waiting for something or nothing.. lol
A few mins later.. I donno is the alcohol effect or what.. from a distance i saw both of them holding hand.. okay can.. cannot confirm.. wait roger is back.. i go look for them.. still act nothing happened until I asked! aiseh! ok..staying alone there is all worth it..finally zw proposed.. and maybe reb drunk thats why said yes.. LOL..'s too Late.. lol..kidding... i mean kidding on the drunk part.. not the kidding on it's too late part..hahahaha..

Congratz to my dear brother zw finally found his princess and
To my VP reb on finding her hmm...ok...prince lo.. hahaaha
No hoping or wishing because I know it will last forever one right? :D
Actually date donno 06 or 07 of april..doesnt matter to me as long as the number i guess open tmr 4D...LOL..

ok..back to drinking part.. After Lex is back.. we shifted to another place to continue because the area let us make until very dirty liao...

Reached new spot, zw jitao sit there sleep.. keep say..cannot liao lah..cannot tank liao... donno cannot this..cannot that... ok his happy day..let him off.. lol
Lex also cmi le..go around trees and vomit..

Left reb, roger and me.. 3 of us play games to finish up half bottle of bombay...
All of us drink until very very high... hmm no photos very hard to explain... will upload soon ! lol
I still remember keep hugging two trees and vomit.. the feeling of vomit sucks... the feeling of vomit bombay is
No memories from 6am-8am..
Should be sleeping.. 8am++ wake everyone up..
The reb very er xin lo..lay down on the floor sleep nvm... lay down and vomit at the same time..then sleep on her on vomit..the hair face everything... aiyoooooo... hahaha
Lex carry stuffs... Roger carry reb... and I carry zw... maybe vice versa.. cant remember..LOL..
Otw to the road for cab I rmb me and zw say next time we gd bro, don sabo each other... help each other only..don drink until like that.. lolol... but seriously... NEVER gonna drink so much again!

Reach roger house..lex cabbed home... 3 of us sleeping in the living room...

I woke up..but still got the puking feel...SIBEI SIAN...
Roger say we must leave before 2pm cos his dad will be back by then..after awhile zw woke up..slack slack..chit chat..about how he win over my vp's heart..hahaha
okay..almost 2pm... woke rebby up then change the mattress cover..

Rebby still hangingover lol.. v headache so we cabbed to zw house let her sleep there...

Reached zw house, rebby went to sleep, zw cook lunch...two packet of maggi mee share.. and brewed some tea...
eat.. talk cock.. slack..bath...go eat kfc at 4pm++ and dabao for reb,
so heng... why must rain!! walked one big round to go back to zw house...then rain stopped..

Reb finally woke up... ate at kfc..go bath..then work starting at 6pm..
and 6pm i still sitting down likeaboss in zw living room... lol
Must fucked up thing of the day... i use the shampoo to bath.. fuking whole body...especially.. okay.. lol... i donno memory sucks.. i think last few times i also using his shampoo to bath...didnt know until zw explain which bottle is for what to reb then i overheard... then my EPIC face come out again... the dafaq face.. lol

Time to go for work..
Bus 169, then train.. so ma fan.. need change line two times.. now i know how troublesome is for zw to go work.. lol

Okay.. lazy to blog about work..shall do when i got the mood :)


Friday, April 6, 2012

The longest slacking day

4th of April , Wednesday.

Day before went out whole very tired.. ..woke up in the afternoon.. nothing to do..
tweeted wanna go out slack then zw jio me go pool.. lol

Prepared and head to sk to meet zw for pool at hg..
Hiasss... bus overshot.. cos using phone.. the sun imba hot and i have to walk back one bus stop !!! omg.. met zw then headed to hg plaza for pool..

That day he really ask me come out slack no mood pool de..all shots 90% missed! must push his potential de.. haha

Until beside table keep on look at us playing.. make us dulan then we play seriously.. not to win each other..but to "show off" to the person looking at us! muhahaha..

After pool.. went to his house to sleep..while waiting for rebecca to come!! to return zw house key... best part.she reached.. but never brought the key.. lolol...

Ji tao like my bed.. sleep #likeaboss.. lolol Slack slack slack..

Great.. no bus home.. so how? continue slack.. watch SAW, drag me to hell etc etc on his laptop.. lol..3 ppl lying on the bed watching these kind of movies...

i donno what time passed..

5am++ time to sleep...
i got no idea why the only girl there is sleeping on the mattress on the floor, and two gentlemen sleeping on the bed.. LOL.. ok... hahaha...nvm it's over~~ hahaah

sleep until 11am++
zw woke up and cooked us breakfast... not bad la..effort 100%.. the food.. hmm.. maybe he gave the well cooked one to reb and left the not so good one to me to no comments.. LOL
but still so sweet lah bro..although very chao ta.. LOL

continue slack.. =.=... this is why the title is named.
play iphone throw coin game.. loser get punished.. don wan to say about it...cos i very suay.. keep on lose!! hais.. i think both of them cheat lo.. my instinct.. based on how much i know them...hahaha
best memories of that shaving leg.. lolol...will be explained more by reb..haha

3pm++ headed home...


Cabbed down with parents and aunt to marine mandarin for food testing for my cousins wedding this coming june! ... the food is v nice!! hope the standard is still the same on the actual day.. :)

Homed with bloated stomach and there im now.. blogging.. :)


First week of April

2nd of April - Monday

Skip Skip Skip, cant recall what is done on that day..

3rd of April - Tuesday
Ben & Jerry's free cone day

Morning Met Rebecca and Zhiwei at tanjong pagar around 10am++
In the end all late.. hais.. as usual im the earliest one..

Maxwell hawker center at 11pm++ the laoban beancurd queue..
See already also sian..

Laksa for lunch...+ Tian tian hainanese chicken rice.. the rice is (Y) but the chicken.. :|

After lunch..enjoyed the laoban beancurd that we queued for long long time..

Headed to Great world city, for ben & jerry's free cone day! the queue epic..never took photo of it.. at least 100+ ppl queueing.. no joke.. finally..after like 25mins of queueing..

That rebecca actually wanted to go for second round..omg.. fat die u.. but in the end.. never go queue up and we went to cine..

To watch wrath of the titans. 5.10pm show at cine.


Another one hour to movie.. that zhiwei recommand us to cine lvl 8 .. to play throwing darts.. first time play.. was very fun..although i got last in position.. u all watch out.. i will go for secret training! hahahaha

Movie started.
3.5/5 stars.. slept for a few mins during the movie.. hahaha

After movie.. went to ion to eat FOUR FINGERs chicken.. nice nice..

After dinner, they accompany go around to shop for my dinner and dance outfit...
They keep bully me.. ask me to lead them..they know I donno direction in orchard..hais..donno what friends lai de...

After that..10pm+ went to buy gong cha and donno go where to slack.. play card..magic... etc..then headed home...

Somerset MRT toilet.. Saw mak. the western ninja chef.. talk about then homed.

End of this long long long day...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Friends ?

Cousins talk to me a lot things about ns.. how to identify real frens etc.

Friends who get angry with you, you must treasure them. Because they care about you.

Friends who get angry with you, you are safe, almost, from being backstabbed by them.

People who treat you good, might not be a good person.

Reasons people treat you good, 1) they treat u as their fren 2) you are still useful to them.

End of the day, He tries to tell me how dangerous human can be, always choose friend wisely.

April Fool

1st of April

Mahjong with sis and cousin,
Totally no luck, lose around $70 but they don't wan to take from me.. :/

7pm, Chiong home for dinner

8pm, Cousin come fetch us to Orchid country club, the jackpot.. as usual, no luck no win :(

10pm, go home cousin house again, aunt, sis and cousins continue playing mahjong.. i no mood so never play.. then went into cousins room and talked with cousin in-law. Taught me a lot of life skill, NS tips.. life tips etc..

30th of March

TGIF? No difference to me.. everyday rotting at home..
But this week is really a fast one..

Maybe because Sunday went to drink... Monday day waste..
Wednesday drink..Thursday rest..another day gone..

as usual.. slacking at home.. until 5pm++ get ready to go out.
Went to takashimaya to look for vinitha 21st birthday present :)
Actually I do like to be the one that look for and choose presents for people.
Maybe used to it already..

Bought a butterfly shaped accessories hanger. Shared the present with zhiwei.
After buying the present.. Headed to Club House at Loyang Valley. It was really a long journey there..Reach around 9.10pm. The last guest of the party sia.. paiseh..

Buffet is nice, catch up with poly classmate.. actually not much catch up though.. played some games.. and 11pm.. everyone wanna head home le..

I'm kind of sian lah.. Heading out during evening and home at night is really not my type lah.. So emo.. no one wanna stay.. no activities.. all heading home.. :(

On the train back, chatting with rebecca on whatsapp, cant remember whose suggested, met up at tiong bahru, the western shop there that we ate last week, to eat supper!!
I know it's far, but the food worth my time going there :)

After the food, walked to tiong.. still no idea what's the name of the shopping mall, went to try our luck if there's still any movie playing... it's around 1am++ already..

Apparently no luck.. took a 20mins walk to the Great world city. The weather like wanna rain, don wanna rain like that.. Lighting and thunder is like free one lo..

once we reached, the rain gets heavier. We got no way to cross over without getting wet, so we waited at the automated door, hoping someone will come out from there so we can go in..

a few mins later, two security guard walk to us and ask what are we doing, lol... and told us how to get over to the other side without getting wet.

They suggest us to climb over the semi gate or whatever then go down the stairs, then walk over and climb up again, still say rebecca wearing shorts so it's ok.. lol..

It's ridiculous, but yes.. we did that.. haha..cross over and went into the 7-11 and bought a drink then sit outside the 7-11 and chit chat.. the rain really slow and steady...trapped there, cant go home.. ok.. so we chat and chat... play cards...

until 6am.. the security guard.. walked to us and pass us an umbrella, so nice of him right? lol.. finally.. can go back le.. walked to the bus stop and took bus to tiong mrt then headed home.. end of day..

oh wait.. rebecca owe me two shots, you get what i mean.. LOL.. goodluck!